Thursday, 8 December 2011

How Many Cats?!?

Okay, I have confess that I inadvertently adopted a kitten last weekend. I say inadvertently because I had picked her up with the intention of giving her to my brother, who has spoken about adopting a cat for three years now and recently bought his first townhouse (he had a condo before). So I thought, good idea, right? Turns out it wasn't such a good idea. He'd been to the animal shelter and decided he wasn't around enough to give some poor kitty the attention s/he deserved.

So I'm sure you can guess what happened. My husband and I didn't have the heart to take her back to the pound. Add the new kitty, Nellie, to the bunch, and now we have four. Yikes. Thankfully, everyone's adjusted well to the new addition despite the initial hissing and yowling.

The moral of the story is this. They always say giving a pet as a present is not a good idea, and now I know that to be true. And if you dare to try it anyway, you might just end up being the unexpected owner of a new pet.


  1. I love this. This is something that would happen to me. Every time we go to the shelter to drop off food or toys for the animals my husband expects I will bring another home since my two cats were shelter kittens. It's always so tempting!

  2. So true, Bella. All of my current cats were obtained from a shelter. I love to go by the pound whenever I'm nearby. They have a wonderful cat visitation room (with a flap to an outdoor enclosed area!). I have a great time rubbing the ears of cats wearing a cone (since they can't reach), and give every one of them some loving cuddling. It's hard to leave them behind when I leave :)